CWILA’s listserv is operated by Google Groups. If you would like to subscribe to and/or participate in discussions with other CWILA members, please subscribe to our Google Group by sending an email to:

If you do not receive a confirmation email from Google Groups, please check your spam folder.


Google Groups for Beginners:

Once you have successfully subscribed to the CWILA group, you should be able to post messages to the group simply by sending an email to “” (or by replying to a CWILA message you receive), as long as the message you send comes *from* the same email address that you used to subscribe. Logging in to the Google website is not a necessity for participation.

However, if you?would?like to use the Google Groups website to read or post messages, it is not enough just to be subscribed – you must have an account with Google that will allow you to access the web page for CWILA (or other groups). If you already have a Google account under the same email address you used to subscribe, just visit the Google Groups CWILA page and sign in.

If you do not have a Google account and wish to create one, visit the same page, click “Sign in”, and then at the top right click “Sign Up”.

Again, logging in to the Google website is not a necessity for participation. If you wish to change your delivery settings, however, a Google account is required.