What Are The Stories Behind the Data? The Count, Accountability and More Questions Than Answers

By Adèle Barclay Usually the end of the critic’s tenure corresponds with data from The Count. From 2011 to 2015, CWILA annually accumulated and analyzed data regarding the review of books in Canadian newspapers and magazines. The Count looks at … Continue reading

Celebrating Diversity by Dismantling CanLit

By Amanda Leduc * It’s early in March as I write this, and life at the headquarters for Canada’s Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) is slowly gathering steam, after the schedule for the 2018 festival was released a few days … Continue reading

Cautious Optimism and CanLit

by?Fazeela Jiwa In mid-November 2017, a room full of word-nerds crammed into the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre to hold handmade, beautifully crafted chapbooks in our hands, among the other wares of the small presses that were invited to table at the … Continue reading

Not Your Noble Savage: On Literary Colonialism and Native Writers by Alicia Elliott

I have a confession to make: I’ve never danced in a pow-wow. Not unless you count awkward shuffle steps self-consciously made during intertribal dances, which no one should. “Intertribals” are when the MC invites all onlookers — regardless of experience … Continue reading

“Recipe for Disaster” by Cora Siré

Recipe For Disaster 1.? Pick a knife with a red handle. To avoid a massacre, I make sure the knife’s not too sharp. Also, not too blunt. Time can be lost with futile sawing and there’s the risk of repetitive … Continue reading


By Lori Saint-Martin Université du Québec à Montréal Lisez la version fran?aise de l’essai. The final weeks of 2015 saw one horror after another: the election of a man who boasted of repeatedly groping women without their permission (“when you’re … Continue reading


Par Lori Saint-Martin Université du Québec à Montréal Read the English version. Les dernières semaines de 2016 ont vu un défilé d’horreurs. Aux états-Unis, un homme qui se vante d’avoir palpé sans permission le corps de nombreuses femmes (??when you’re … Continue reading

CWILA Critic-in-Residence Outgoing Reflection

By Lucas Crawford Being the Critic-In-Residence for Canadian Women in the Literary Arts was an exercise in paradoxes and pleasures: I’m a writer and scholar who is very much still learning how to do “criticism” in the CanLit mode; it … Continue reading

the mad house by Sharron Proulx-Turner

the mad house 1 indigenous natural law: never give up. –jimmy o’chiese drove through an early morning sundog. I was heading up sarcee hill, reaching for my sunglasses, the sun just peeking over the crest. ahead on that foothill I … Continue reading

What do we resist when we resist the feminine?

  By Isabelle Boisclair (Sherbrooke University), translated by Bronwyn Haslam Lire l’essai originale fran?aise par Isabelle Boisclair. “Write in the margins until the margins take up half of the page.” – M.?Yaguello ??????????? In 2004, I presented the results of … Continue reading